123movies Not Working— Server Error and the Solutions

123movies Not Working

123movies is a pretty well-known website, popularized for its wide-range of streaming services. This is a hub for the entertainment seeking individuals who are looking to enjoy timeless TV shows, classic movies and even the new releases, without spending extra cash.

123movies is a free resource and the company doesn’t levy any additional charges for showing movies and TV shows. However, everything isn’t perfect with this website, which often crashes down due to server errors. In this article, we will be going through the problems associated with this website and steps which need to be followed in order to resolve the same.

123movies and the Long List of Problems

This website has encountered a lot of issues over the years and things haven’t improved up till now. Quite often, users need to compromise on their movie viewing time, only to find 123movies, huffing and puffing in the middle.

Otherwise a fantastic resource for the entertainment seekers, 123movies is plagued with certain technical issues and we will be covering the same in this post— obviously with solutions for the same.

However, before moving any further we need to understand the nature of these problems and why we cannot actually get rid of them— completely.

  1. At first, we need to deal with the download or rather streaming issues. 123movies can often get frustrating as the user might not be able to watch the movie he or she desires. The reason for the same could be faulty uploads and lack of website optimization, especially at the backend.
  2. While the requested section at 123movies is designated to offer selective movies, more often than not, the preferences need to be sacrificed.
  3. The world of free streaming services is facing cut throat competition and many companies often devise heinous plans to take the contemporaries down. This can be one of the many reasons why 123movies encounters server errors, on a regular basis.
  4. Another issue could be the 302 HTTP server error, resulting out of firewall issues. Other possible issues resulting in this issue include region error as the browser fails to gauge whether the website is allowed in your state or country.
  5. Next in line is the stubborn firewall which usually blocks anything suspicious. It’s not that 123movies is a risky proposition. It’s just that it is downloaded via third party sources and come with a high risk of virus integration.
  6. Apart from ISP and network issues, huge traffic is also the reason why 123movies encounters occasional hiccups, especially with the speed of streaming.
  7. Lack of browser extensions and website add-ons do put a lot of load on 123movies, forcing users to opt for other clients with better optimization.
  8. Lack of Play Store integration is another reason why this website or even the 123movies app isn’t optimized the way it should be.
  9. Lastly, lack of proper graphics are most times is another reason why people are shying away from this website. Viewing certain movies can be tough due to pixilation and lately 123movies has encountered a lot of instances.

123movies Server Error: Solutions and Technical Advice

While it was easy to mention the issues pertaining to 123movies server error, analyzing the solutions is what counts at the end. Here is how the user and even the company can deal with this minor hiccups.

  • Firstly, patience is the key when dealing with any streaming client. If the movies aren’t available, it is advisable to contact 123movies personally to convey the message.
  • If it’s the 302 HTTP error, in most cases it will be a one-off incident. When it comes to that, users need to disable firewall and clear the browser cache. This approach can readily help get rid of the server error associated with 123movies.
  • Next technique to start using this website properly is by opting for a proxy server in addition to the existing browser. In most regions, 123movies isn’t allowed by the Internet service provider and we often need to bypass using the 123movies proxy server.
  • Opting for the 123movies app is a better way to resolve technical errors. Applications are more optimized than the website portal and offer better usability.
  • Look to download 123movies app from trusted sources and scan the zip file for viruses. Once everything looks legit, only then the user should turn off the firewall.
  • The company needs to take care of the website by putting in more extensions and add-ons. This approach will help 123movies combat the huge traffic surge.

Bottom Line

123movies need to pull up its socks if it wants to compete with some of the bigger names in the streaming industry. The first step, however, should be the establishment of a technical team which will be able to handle the queries of individuals— facing issues with the website.

If the website looks to work at most times, it requires analytical developers and highly qualified technicians— just to bring in additional technical acumen into the mix.

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