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Watching movies online has now become a trend. Many people have actually shifted from watching movies on the computer by downloading them to watching movies online. Now there are many reasons to why this has happened. Moreover, if “many” people shifts, that don’t really, mean “everyone” will shift. There are personal choices of people. Based on this concept, today we are going to discuss the much software or other ways of watching movies rather than 123 movies, or in other words, 123movies alternatives.

Now, there are many 123movies alternatives based in its field and also outside its field. By “outside its fields,” we mean to say the offline facility of downloading and watching a movie since 123movies is a website to watch movies online. So, let us get into the various 123movies alternatives based on the two fields specified above.

Which is better, 123movies online watch or offline watch of movies?

Watching movies offline, that is, by downloading and the watching is the biggest rival of watching movies online. The reason why we chose 123movies for the comparison and naming it as “123movies alternatives” is due to the sole reason that 123movies is one of the best in watching movies online. As said before, choosing between online watching and offline watching is a personal opinion. Both have its own advantages.

In online watching of movies, you need not worry about some intruding viruses on your computer. Also, the fact that fewer data will be consumed also serves as a big advantage. In an offline watch, you need not worry about “buffering” even if your network is slow as your movie is already downloaded. Plus, you get the desired quality which will remain the same throughout, which is not applicable in online watching, as in slow internet, your quality is either dropped automatically, or you get stuck in buffering. Also in the offline watch, you need not worry about having the internet connection as your movie is already downloaded and you can keep the movie as long as you desire.

What is the other online movie watching websites other than 123movies?

There is a list of other websites like Fmovies, Hotstar, Cracker, Popcornflix, Viewster and much more. But, do check the reliability of all the websites before you actually opt for a website to watch and also the collections which they offer.

These were basically the alternatives to 123movies you could get. It is totally your choice as to what you will opt for and what suits you the best. Hopefully, this was an informative article to all those movie lovers out there.