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123Movies Not Working | 123Movies Server Error

Though 123movies has proven to be one of the best websites for watching movies online, it is not the perfect website. It does have some downfalls which lead to many problems. Today, in this article, we will discuss all the 123movies problems and their solutions, so that, if you face these problems, then you know what to do.

What are the different problems in 123movies?

To discuss the 123movies problems and their solutions, we must first go through all the problems you may face.

  1. The problems regarding streaming which may seem frustrating as it apparently stops the people from watching movies online.
  2. More often, the preferences which need to be sacrificed in 123movies.
  3. The frequent problem of the server crashing due to the presence of numerous websites in its field.
  4. The error which corresponds to the 302 HTTP server, which gets involved with the user’s firewall.
  5. The constant blocking of sources by the firewall of the user’s computer.
  6. The problem of optimization, which involves a lot of pop ups and website add-ons.
  7. The lack in the in the integration of Google Play Store, leading to problems on the 123movies app.

What are the solutions to the problems in 123movies?

Now we shall have a look at the solutions to all the mentioned problems above.

  1. If you are having a streaming problem, all you need to be is patient. Keep patients and let your internet get back to form or send a message to the help desk of 123movies.
  2. In the case of the 302 HTTP server error, you can use a proxy server, which is though not highly recommended. What you can do is try again by turning off your firewall. You can also try this method of turning off the firewall when the problems regarding the firewall blocking pop ups and website add-ons arise.
  3. For website optimization problem, you can switch to the mobile app. Yes, even that sometimes occur problems, but the app is way more optimized than the original website is.

Understanding the mentioned 123movies problems and their solutions, hopefully, you can now deal with the problems you face. Though these might not eliminate all the problems altogether, it will definitely help to serve you better. About the optimization part, you need to bear with the technical team of 123movies, so that they can fix all these problems with a maintenance update.